Monday, February 25, 2013

8 Days a Week

I would like to speak to the manager of this establishment. It's a Monday, and while I am not one to retweet the stereotypical "I hate Monday" tweet, I have a problem with it being Monday. You see, this weekend was grand. A splendid weekend full of sun friendly days, nights in which the moonlight basked in alcohol (or the other way around, I can't quite remember), and most importantly freedom. There was no reason for it to end. Alas, Monday came, and school and work began. The standard 5-day work/school week is a logical fallacy from the "equality" that America pushes. We accept the work week because it's the way things have been. However, who decided this? I was not present during any meeting, nor my parents or grandparents. Perhaps we should take a poll every few generations to measure people's opinions on the weekly calendar (it's amazing how some people transform anything they can into their little numbers). Business people love numbers, they would love this job. I love weekends. I do, we emotionally connect. Because weekends are about free time, choosing what you want to do, relaxing, partying, playing, smiling, reading, games, and freedom. In other words, weekends are little glimpses of what life is supposed to be like, but we let the week get in the way. We feel obligated to support a mythical creature called the economy, obligated to join in consumerism and indentured slavery, and obligated to sign our lives away in the name of the dollar bill. So, we spend 5 days a week fulfilling these obligations because we've been bamboozled into a calendar corruption. That makes me sounds like a crazy conspiracy theorist, but you come up with a better name and I am all for it. Sure, we get 2 days off, but really Sunday must be spent resting for the week to come, Friday night is the exhaust of the pollution of an entire week, and we are left with 1 real day. 1 day a week to live. 1/7 of our life to do what we want with the day. Life is about living and having fun. If we wanted to be fair, let's split the week into 8 days (some of us already thought there were 8 days in a week *Ringo Star*). Then split the 8 days into 4 week days and 4 weekend days. That is as complicated and numerical as it needs to get. The adults have their numbers and work days; I have my weekends. Everyone wins. So will someone point me in the direction of the manager of this established calendar?

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